No Pictures. I Have A Double Chin

It always happens. That time when you´re with family, friends or colleagues and all of a sudden, picture time. Maybe you´re a few pounds heavier than you would like, and that doesn’t help double chin in any way. Every time people want you to take a picture there´s a huge stream of horror and nervousness going on inside your head.

CHILD Special Moments No Pictures. I Have A Double Chin

Let me tell you, I totally understand how you feel. When you see those pictures somehow… all the magic of our family together, our friends and happy moments are blurred by that double chin, those fat arms or that tummy roll. I can´t believe how powerful they can turn to be. But, trust me here, the double chin is not the main problem. I can assure you that your family and friends DO want to be with them in those special moments. And even if you follow all the tips, methods, and you get the most beautiful chin in the world, those pictures, those special moments you denied to be part of because of your looks will never come back again.

This is a bit of a paradox, but the first thing you need to do to get rid of your double chin is ACCEPT IT and EMBRACE IT. I can assure you that all those insecurities that are in your head will never be how your sons, parents,brothers,sister,husband/wife think about you; they want you to be with them, and your fat is not an issue. This problem you have is giving you lots of challenges that are making you grow, so be grateful about it and accept it right now as it is. I´m not saying to become passive and let the double chin grow huge, but the more you fight it, neglect it or hate it, the harder it will be for you to get rid of it.

The next time you don´t like being photographed remember… your are the only one who´s putting the negative energy on your double chin or any other physical issue. The rest of us love you and really want you to be part of our world, of our picture….with all the fat or problems that come with you. Remember life doesn’t wait until you lose that double chin, life continues and does not wait anyone to fix their issues, life´s happening right now and this is the ony moment you got, so embrace it and be happy about it. Your double chin will disappear eventually, following all the tips, but give it time and relax.

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